We are a group of Creative Individuals with the same dreams, ambitions, and the skills to support it. We are a bunch of Critical and Idealist designers and programmers, looking to make our Impact in the world. And most of all we are a relentless individuals with a never-give-up attitude.

Founded on 2009, Mindmap is a Creative Studio specializing in Design Craftsmanship and creative use of digital technology, as well as conservative approach to creative thinking.

Over the years, Mindmap has gained the trust of many Companies, both big and small. Both Conservative and new "Modern" ones. In those years we managed to developed our strengths even more. From Graphic Design, to Websites, Social Media, Videos, Motion Graphics, and Applications for smartphones. We learned from countless experience in dealings with the Companies, how the markets behave, and how we communicate the messages efficiently.

As a small Company, we have the priviledge of flexibility and the dynamics. That means we are given the opportunity to think Creatively and to think Bigger. We are relentless in pursuing perfection, and we'll do anything for it. We feel we can grow more, a whole lot more. With our persistence, ambitions, and skills, we strive on making a big impact on this industry, one way or another.

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